How do you keep track of ported numbers for accurate sms delivery?

When mobile number portability (MNP) came into Nigeria few years ago, many subscribers were happy because they were able to move from one operator to another without losing their numbers but little did they know that everything that have advantage also have its disadvantage. And what was the disadvantage of MNP, subscribers stopped receiving bank alerts and sms campaigns sent from their areas of interest.

Porting your number is fantastic because no one wants to remain under the bondage of any frustrating network operator but how do I make sure that every SMS sent to my customers (A2P) gets delivered?

While trying to find a lasting solution to this lingering issue, COURE Software and Systems Limited then developed an application called All Number Query (ANQ). With the implementation of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in Nigeria, VAS provider and Bulk SMS providers are not getting information delivered appropriately to their customers and the customers are facing issues with receiving messages and important information that is designated for them. This happens simply because the Customer has ported his or her number from one network to another

From our analysis, an average of 1,200 mobile numbers port from one network to another network on a daily basis which amounts to 8,400 ports weekly and 36,000 monthly and that is a total number of 432,000 people porting and hence We would like to offer our solution to you

Along with the ported number verification query, we would like to offer you the ability to validate your customers database by checking with our platform if a customer's number is still active and or on the Do Not Disturb list, thus saving you marketing funds trying to contact inactive or blocked numbers

This solution uses various algorithms and it's functions are done real-time as our systems are capable of responding to millions of queries a day within milliseconds per query

The ANQ system is already being used by Banks, VAS providers, mobile payment companies, mobile application development companies amongst several others both locally and internationally

It gives easy and quick access to the relevant information through secure seamless integrations with your existing platform. We offer numerous secure connectivity options for integration such as (API, FTP, WEB and/or ENUM).

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